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Common Causes Of Hip Fractures In Assisted Living Facilities And How To Seek Justice If They Happen

Many assisted living facilities provide the care and assistance elderly people require in their old age. Unfortunately, some caregivers abuse residents, which makes them suffer various health complications. In addition, some nursing homes do not employ enough employees, which can contribute to serious accidents. As a result of these, seniors can suffer severe injuries, including hip fractures. If your relative suffers these injuries due to the issues discussed below, they may have a right to seek compensation from the wrongdoers.

Likely Causes of Hip Fractures in Assisted Living Facilities

Seniors are vulnerable to suffering hip fractures if they fall, e.g., as they attempt to get up from bed. Another cause of these injuries is accidentally slipping or tripping while walking, or falling off their wheelchairs. You can hold the caretaker accountable if any of these causes harm to your relative. The party at fault should face the law for failing to supervise your relative as required. Moreover, you can take legal action against the facility's management for failing to prevent hazards, which might be the case if they failed to install safeguards to prevent falls.

Unfortunately, some elder care homes partner with their workers to hide abuse and neglect. This makes it challenging to prove these cases and get justice against perpetrators of nursing home abuse. However, an attorney can help you to hold the offenders accountable even if they deny liability for your loved one's injuries. The civil law attorney will investigate the incident and gather evidence to show each wrongdoer's errors and negligence. They will also file claims against the negligent parties and represent you to enable you to get justice.

Holding the Wrongdoers Accountable

In addition to filing lawsuits against the wrongdoers, your attorney can assist your relative in getting all the payments they deserve. For instance, they can help them get compensation for the medical expenses they incur while receiving treatment for their hip injuries. This payment covers the doctor's fees, therapy expenses, medication, rehabilitation, and related costs. Your family can also get payments for funeral expenses if your relative succumbs while receiving treatment after suffering hip fractures. In any case, your lawyer will determine the actual value of your claim and take all necessary measures to help ensure that your relative gets every payment they deserve.

When you place your loved one in the hands of caregivers, you expect them to provide proper care and quality services. Unfortunately, they might neglect their duties or abuse your relative, leading to their suffering hip fractures. A civil law attorney can help your relative get justice if this happens.