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3 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer for a Slip and Fall Claim

Slip and fall claims are some of the most complicated personal injury claims to get compensation. Besides, proving that a property owner's negligence caused a slip and fall accident is often difficult. 

Furthermore, a property owner can deny liability and claim you slipped and fell out of your negligence. Thus, hiring a slip and fall lawyer is advisable to help you tackle the case and get you compensated. 

So, here are three reasons to hire a slip and fall lawyer when seeking compensation for your injuries. 

1. Establishing Liability for Your Accident

Before filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit against a property owner, you must prove they are liable. Hence, you must gather enough evidence to prove the property owner is responsible for your slip and fall accident. 

But, gathering such evidence is not easy. Hence, you should hire a slip and fall injury lawyer to gather the evidence on your behalf. By examining the scene of your slip and fall, your lawyer can prove how the property owner's negligence resulted in your injuries.

For instance, if you fall down a dark staircase with damaged lighting, the property owner or manager is liable for your accident. Besides, they had not repaired the lights in time. Hence, your slip and fall lawyer can use such evidence to prove that the property owner or manager is liable to compensate you for your injuries. 

2. Representing Your Interests in Court 

Sometimes property owners and their insurance companies deny slip and fall claims. In such a scenario, you have to file a personal injury lawsuit against the property owner and their insurance company to get compensation. 

Hence, a slip and fall lawyer can help you get your case to trial and represent your interest during the proceedings. So, your slip and fall lawyer can present the proof of liability in court and sway the court to rule in your favor. 

Hence, even if an insurance company denies your claim, a slip and fall injury lawyer can help you seek compensation through a court of law. 

3. Ensuring You Don't Settle For Less 

When an insurance company agrees to honor your claim, they often try to short-change you on the settlement amount. For instance, they might try to compensate you for your medical bills but disregard all other losses and damages incurred. 

Hence, you will want to hire a slip and fall lawyer to negotiate a reasonable settlement on your behalf. Your lawyer can compile a comprehensive list of damages and losses caused by your slip and fall accident. Then use the list to negotiate a higher settlement for you. 

For instance, if your injuries caused you to lose earnings while recovering, your lawyer can claim the lost wages in the settlement.

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