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5 Ways A Car Accident Lawyer Can Prove You Weren't At Fault

Proving liability is key when claiming compensation after an accident. If you weren't the driver at fault, you might consider hiring an auto accident lawyer to represent your interests during negotiations with the other driver's insurance company. Here are ways an auto accident lawyer can prove that you weren't at fault in an auto accident.

1. Record Eyewitness Accounts

If there were witnesses, such as an off-duty police officer or another driver who pulled over to help, their testimony is crucial. They'll be able to confirm your version of events and serve as a good reference for your attorney.

If you have someone willing to testify on your behalf in court—even if they aren't present for all of the events—the attorney will have them write out their account. This will help prove what occurred later on.

2. Use Accident Scene Reconstruction

An accident scene reconstruction expert uses specialist knowledge in reconstructing how an accident happened. They rely on the laws of motion and physics to determine who was where when the accident happened. Your auto accident lawyer can call this expert witness to prove you were not at fault.

3. Show Police Field Sobriety Test

Officers often administer field sobriety tests (FSTs) and breathalyzers on an accident scene, especially when they suspect a DUI case. The FSTs are designed to let officers easily detect if someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol by asking them to perform certain tasks and measuring balance, coordination, and reaction time. Your lawyer can produce these reports to show the other driver was at fault.

4. Show Use of Mobile Phone

Many drivers use their cell phones while driving, but they don't realize how distracting it is to be on the phone. While many states have strict laws about texting and driving, it's still difficult to catch drivers in these acts. Your lawyer can help show that you weren't responsible for the crash due to distracted driving. They will obtain phone records of the other party to ascertain if they were on the phone.

5. Produce Supporting Dash Cam Footage

One of your best lines of defense is your client's dashcam footage. It provides absolute, inarguable proof that an incident occurred. It also proves how it occurred. Finally, if everything is recorded on video, you don't have to rely on witnesses to remember every detail and retell it during depositions or court proceedings. The lawyer can use this footage to good effect.

Are you worried you can't prove liability in a car accident case when claiming your compensation? Book an appointment with an auto accident lawyer to explore ways to prove you were not at fault. Attorneys like Braje  Nelson &  Janes LLP have more information.