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Types Of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is unfortunately very common. If you are interested in pursuing a nursing home abuse case against another party, you need to make sure you have a strong case first.

Abuse comes in many forms, and it is not always as obvious as it appears. These are some types of abuse that could indicate you have a strong case.

Medication Errors

Medication errors occur in a number of ways. Perhaps a nursing home employee administered the wrong medication or too high of a dose. Sometimes, medication errors result in hospitalization and even death. In some cases, medication errors occur over a long period of time, resulting in your loved one not getting essential medication on schedule.


Bedsores are indicative of neglect, which is a form of abuse. You may notice bed sores on the heels, back, elbows, or hips because they are parts of the body that tend to touch the bed most often. These sores can lead to a serious infection that can be fatal over time.

Lack of Security

You trust a nursing home to provide security and protection for your loved one. When the nursing home does not protect your loved one, you may pursue a legal case against them. This could be the result of poorly secured doors, exposure to severe weather, or an attack by another patient.


A nursing home that does not offer the safety equipment to prevent falls may also be held liable for the injuries that cause. For example, your loved one may have fallen out of bed, breaking a bone. In other cases, staff members may not have been available to help your loved one to the bathroom when they were supposed to, prompting your loved one to fall and suffer a concussion.


In some cases, an employer does not do their due diligence to check out employees of the nursing home. This means that your loved one could have been the victim of a financial, sex, or physical crime committed by an employer. You can recover compensation even if the police don't pursue the charges in some cases.

Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

A nursing home abuse lawyer can help you take the next steps. Contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to determine the strength of your case and to take those initial steps toward filing a case against a negligent or abusive company or individual.