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Anticipation: What to Expect With SSDI Benefits

If you find yourself unable to work at your job because of a medical condition, the Social Security Administration (SSA) offers a benefits program aimed at former workers. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) pays workers that qualify for a sum of money each month if they can no longer perform the tasks of their most recent position. You might be curious as to what you can expect so read on to learn more about how much money you may be paid.

Don't Expect Things To Be Easy

A word of warning about applying for SSDI benefits. Applicants should know from the start that being approved for SSDI is not easy. It's important not to give up on benefits, though. If your claim is denied, you can file for an appeal and that is where you might find success. To up your chances of a successful appeal, consider hiring a Social Security lawyer to help you. They understand how the SSDI appeals process works, what the SSDI officer needs to know, and how to argue your case for benefits. Just having a lawyer by your side raises your chances of approval by around 60%.

Benefits Are Based On Your Past Earnings

The more you've made in income in the last few years, the higher your monthly benefit will be. However, don't expect the amount to be anything like your previous salary. You can create an account online and learn how much you can expect in disability payments before you even send in the application. Be sure to look over your earnings records and let the SSA know if you notice errors in your yearly numbers (as compared to your tax return numbers). You can also find out the same information by calling the SSA or by visiting a local office. 

A Lump Sum Payment: Back Pay

Along with your monthly benefit, you might also qualify for a lump sum payment known as back pay. This is the amount you might have been paid had the SSA approved your application when you become disabled. Since the approval process can be long, this helps the applicant catch up on the benefits they are owed. Once you are approved, you will be informed of your back pay benefit and it will be paid to you right away.

To help with your initial application and for representation at your appeal hearing, look for attorney services to get you the benefits you need.