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Snatching A Purse & Causing Death

Sometimes making the simple mistake of committing what seems to be a harmless crime can put you in deep legal trouble. For instance, snatching someone's purse might seem harmless, but what if the incident leads to the victim suffering a heart attack and passing away? Are you dealing with such a situation and have never been in any other legal trouble until this incident occurred? Committing a crime that results in the loss of life can come with a penalty of spending a substantial amount of time behind bars, but an attorney might be able to make things easier. Continue reading the remainder of this article to learn what might happen after hiring a criminal defense lawyer

What Caused You to Steal the Purse?

Although there is no excuse for stealing someone purse, your reason for doing it might be considered when you are penalized for the crime. An attorney will likely ask you questions in regards to what led to you making the decision to snatch someone's purse. Were you acting out as a part of a dare by one of more people? Were you under the influence of alcohol or drugs when the incident occurred. Explain the incident in as many details as possible so the attorney can determine if any of the information can be used to build your defense.

Did You Try to Help the Victim?

After snatching the purse and running off, did you look back and notice the victim falling to the ground? If so, did you return an attempt to assist with the issue at hand, or did you continue to run? If you did everything that you can to try to prevent the victim from passing away, it might be useful for your defense. The attorney might try to defend your case in other ways if the victim didn't pass away until days later after being transported to the hospital. For instance, the attorney will investigate to confirm if the death was actually caused due to you snatching the purse.

Are You Willing to Plead Guilty to the Crime?

Feeling remorseful for committing a crime can take you a long way in a criminal case. Your attorney might suggest that you plead guilty to the crime in an effort to convince the judge to give you a lighter sentence. Rather than spending a substantial amount of years in jail, you might only have to serve the minimal sentence and be on probation after being released. The specific sentence will be up to the judge over the case.