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5 Ways For Men To Increase Odds Of Winning Child Custody

If you are a man involved in a child custody dispute, you have undoubtedly heard or realized it will be an uphill battle. Anyone who tells you otherwise is being misleading. Traditionally, courts have proven more often than not to favor the mother in these proceedings.

Statistics show that across the nation, women win primary custody over 68 percent of the time. However, fortunately for you, times are changing. Now, men possess a fighting chance. You can retain a competent family law firm to protect your interests. They can present your case to the judge and, if things work out for the best, you will be the proud recipient of parental custodial rights.

To help you get started on the path to legal victory, following are five important ways many fathers are winning in family court.

1. You are the Better Financial Provider

Quite simply, money is a significant factor to courts. Judges can be pragmatists, especially when children are concerned.

The parent with the larger income and less debt can better persuade the court of their ability to properly raise a child. Paying for school supplies, health care, and food are rather expensive these days. If you are or have been the main financial provider, your family law attorney can make the cogent argument that you should remain responsible for the welfare of the child.

Do be careful. Men still tend to earn more than women, even when doing the same work. A judge can find your argument chauvinistic if the presentation is untactful.

2.  You Have the More Stable Home Environment

You also want to demonstrate that your home life is stable in other ways. Emphasize that you are not a heavy drug or alcohol user if this is the case. Have you held a long-term job? Are you a professional or skilled laborer with employment security? Play up these factors.

Moreover, if your former partner cannot likewise provide a stable environment, your lawyer might decide to emphasize these facts in court to clearly highlight the contrast between you two.

3. You Had a Prior Bonding Relationship

Do not be a "Johnny Come Lately." Hopefully, you attempted to bond with your child prior to requesting custody. If so, the judge will probably look more favorably on your claim than otherwise.

On the other hand, suddenly deciding you want to be a guardian can prove a problem. However, if the mother or some other circumstance prevented you from spending quality time with the child, your lawyer should explain this discrepancy in court.

4. You Remind the Judge to be Impartial

The contemporary legal environment supports men and women having the same opportunities to serve as guardians of their children. Nevertheless, history and continuing cultural biases make men less likely than women to prevail in custody cases.

With this thought in mind, it can be wise to subtly and respectfully, remind the judge that the court should weigh the evidence equally. Then, if the judge acts in a clearly inimical and subjective manner, you have the basis for an appeal.

5. You Focus on State Specific Considerations

Each state has specific considerations judges use to decide who is the better parent in custody proceedings. Your family law representative should tailor your legal strategy around this checklist.

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