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Taking Action When You Suspect Abuse in a Nursing Home

Caring for an aging loved one can be challenging. In order to ensure that your loved one has access to the care and medical attention needed to remain in good health, you might consider putting him or her in a nursing home facility. These facilities play a valuable role in helping families care for their aging loved ones, but they can also be places where abuse occurs.

If you suspect abuse in the nursing home where your loved one is housed, here are three steps that you should take in order to ensure the abuse doesn't continue in the future.

1. Talk to your loved one about suspected abuse.

If you notice signs of physical abuse like bruising or welts on your loved one, it's important that you ask your loved one about the marks. Be sure to speak with your loved one in private, as the presence of a nursing home employee could intimidate your loved one and cause him or her to withhold information.

Once you have obtained additional details regarding the marks on your loved one, you can determine if further action needs to be taken.

2. Verify your loved one's story with nursing home employees.

Once you have gathered information from your loved one, you should speak with nursing home employees who interact with your loved one on a regular basis. Be sure to record the name and position of the employee as well as the date and time you spoke with them.

Write down any details provided by the staff members, then compare this information with your loved one's story. If you see any suspicious differences, schedule a meeting with a supervisor for further clarification.

3. Retain the services of an experienced attorney.

If it becomes clear that abuse is taking place within the nursing home where your loved one lives, you should contact an experienced attorney for help. The attorney will be able to advise you on the proper steps to take in order to remove your loved one from the abusive situation.

An attorney will also be able to request documents, surveillance footage, and other evidence that will be required to pursue legal action against an abusive nursing home in the future.

Caring for your aging loved one requires that you remain constantly vigilant when it comes to spotting signs of abuse. If you suspect abuse in your loved one's nursing home, verify details with your loved one and nursing home employees, then seek the help of an experienced attorney, like Garrison Law Firm, if necessary.