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Four Areas The Interrogatories May Cover To Illuminate The Effect Of A Slip And Fall Injury On Your Life

If you are preparing for interrogatories related to a slip and fall injury claim, expect the defense to ask questions related not only to how the accident occurred but also how the injuries have affected your life. Here are some of the areas the interrogatories will cover as the defense seeks to answer these questions:

1.Healthcare Providers You Have Consulted

The defense will want a list of all the healthcare providers you have consulted from your injury to date. The defense will use this list to gauge the type of injuries you have suffered and how they have affected your life.  For example, if you have consulted an eye doctor, then it means that the accident affected your eyes/vision. They can also use the information to discredit your claims, for example, it will be difficult to claim damages related to lost or fractured tooth if you haven't visited a dentist.

2. Activities Your Injuries Prevent You from Doing

You may also be asked to explicitly state all the activities that you used to do before the injury, but you can no longer do due to the accident. For example, if you used to play hockey and hurt your arm in the accident, it may be that the injury has prevented you from playing hockey. Ensure you list all the relevant activities here because your recovery will be based on them.

3. How Long You Were Out of Work

If you were out for some time following your accident, then you will be required to state how long you were out of work. This is useful not only for calculating your lost damages but also for determining the extent of your injuries and how they have affected your life. For example, if you were a driver and you couldn't drive for three months after the accident, it's easy to understand how much it affected your life.

4. Your Physical Restrictions

The defense will also ask you specifically for your physical restrictions. For example, if you can't lift your hand above your head, can't bend at the waist, cannot eat normal foods or cannot sleep on one side of the body, this is the place to list them. Don't lie; only list the physical restrictions that you can prove.

Your personal injury attorney is permitted to help you with the interrogatories. Take their advice to heart to ensure that your answers are clear and relevant to the interrogatories; the answers may determine the course of the case. To learn more, contact a law firm like Blomberg Benson & Garrett