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New Years Eve Is Almost Here: How To Avoid A DUI

New Year's Eve is just around the corner. It's time to start making your plans. If you're going to be heading out for the evening, it's time to get ready for the biggest party of the year. New Years Even is synonymous with wild parties, lots of drinking, and unfortunately, DUIs and accidents. If you plan on drinking on New Year's Eve, you need to plan a way to avoid the DUIs; not just because a DUI can ruin your driving record, but also because drinking and driving can lead to car accidents. Luckily, there are some things you can do right now to reduce your chances of getting a DUI on New Year's Eve.

Utilize a Ride Share Service

If you're going to be partying the night away on New Year's Eve, don't take the chance that you'll end up drinking and driving. Utilize a rideshare service in your area and have someone do the driving for you. Using a rideshare service for your New Years Eve transportation will ensure that you don't have your car with you, which will reduce your temptation to drive drunk. One of the benefits of rideshare services is that they'll take you wherever you want to go for a nominal fee. That means you can hit as many parties as you'd like that night, and never need to worry about traffic, parking, or how much you've had to drink. Best of all, they'll drop you off right at your door at the end of the night.

Choose the Right Designated Driver

If you're going to be heading out to party with a group of friends, be sure to choose the right designated driver. Don't choose someone in your group who enjoys drinking as much as you do. Not only will that deny them an evening of enjoyment, but there's also the chance that your designated driver will give into temptation and start drinking. Instead, choose someone in your group who doesn't drink at all. That way, you'll know they'll be sober at the end of the evening. Be sure to compensate them with plenty of food and non-alcoholic beverages.

Plan for a Sleepover

If your New Years Eve involves heading to one party and staying there all evening, plan for a sleepover. Have a change of clothes, and your sleeping bag already stored away in your car. That way, if the evening gets away from you, and you've had too much to drink, you'll have everything you need to sleep it off at your friend's house.

Be Prepared for a DUI

If you're going to be driving yourself on New Year's Eve, you'll need to be prepared for a DUI. You never know when you'll get stopped at a checkpoint, or get pulled over while you're driving. If you are arrested for a DUI, don't admit to drinking. Anything you say to law enforcement will probably be used against you once your case goes to trial. It's also important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. You'll want legal representation while you're being questioned.

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