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Sources Of Proof For Liability In A Left-Turn Accident

If a motorist gets involved in an accident when executing a left turn, then it's highly likely that they will be ticketed and subsequently held liable for the ensuing damages. However, this isn't a guarantee because there are cases where a left-turn motorist may not be liable for an accident in which they are involved. This means you still need to prove your claim if you are injured in a left-turn accident. Here are some of the ways to get the proof you need:

Traffic Light Sequence Reports

Traffic light sequence is the pattern and order in which traffic lights change i.e. how and when they turn red and green. Traffic light systems record these patterns in central locations, and you can use them as evidence in court. To do so, you will need to make a written request to the local county council having jurisdiction over the section of the road where the accident occurred. You can then use the information to prove that the other motorist was breaking traffic lights or that you did not do anything wrong.

By Using Intersection Cameras

You will also be in luck if the intersection in which the accident occurred hard working cameras. If this is the case, then your case will be as simple as getting a copy of the footage recorded at the time of your accident. Some places also have cameras that automatically take pictures of vehicles that run the red lights; you can also use these to prove that the negligence of the other motorist.

Third Party Security Cameras

If you are lucky enough, you may also be able to find video footage of the incident as recorded by security cameras of nearby businesses or homes. This is more likely if there are lots of buildings near the intersection. If you have an accident lawyer handling your case, they will probably go around the neighborhood to see if any camera could have recorded the accident, and ask for the footage.

Vehicle Inspection

Accident reconstruction or investigation experts can also help you with your claim. For example, they can figure out the first point of contact/crash between the two cars, which will reveal where each of you were headed just before the impact. It is also possible to use the relative weights of the cars, the damage they sustained, as well as the accident scene (such as skid marks) to approximate how fast you were going.

Witness Statements

Lastly, you may also be able to use witnesses to prove your point or disapprove the other motorist's claim. For example, a witness may have seen the other motorist driving fast, using their phone while driving or driving over the center line. This is why it's important to get witnesses' contacts after a car crash.

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